Our architectural office offers these following services:
  • construction project,
  • architectural projects,
  • house projects,
  • service buildings projects,
  • industrial technology projects (agreement with the appraiser),
  • expansions, superstructures, adaptations,
  • the energy performance certificate,
  • surveyors maps for design purposes, etc.
  • cooperation with all construction sectors for example: Surveyors, installers, geologists.

We provide help and assistance in obtaining all necessary approvals, opinions and authorizations. In particular:

  • checking the legal status of the property,
  • providing help dealing with all kinds of local government units,
  • zoning decisions,
  • sketches and excerpts from local zoning plans,
  • building permits,
  • ensuring delivery of media,
  • good technical performance of connections,
  • off away from agricultural production,
  • technical conditions of entry and exit from the pubic road,
  • a use permit,
  • a notice of completion of works,
  • preparation of documentation for the District inspector of the building,
  • inspector of building supervision.